Our RPLAN White Paper

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Searching for a “user manual” for our comprehensive project management tool that you can read in your own time? No problem: In our comprehensive white papers, you’ll find exactly the information you’re looking for.

Implementation of RPLAN in your organisation

Make the switch to a new system with zero time losses

Projects in crisis – Rapid help for crisis situations

Project management leads to business success
When an important project is facing critical problems, and multiple aspects are “up in flames”, it’s essential that a quick solution is found. Request a copy of our white paper and find out how a struggling projects can be got back on track.

What actually is collaborative project management?

Manage cross-industry development partners
Request a copy of our white paper and find out why collaborative project management offers the best support for agile management of your distributed product development.

Integration of RPLAN with your company IT

RPLAN in your company IT – Hassle-free
“Should we integrate our new project management system into our company IT environment? How? And when?” Request a copy of our white paper and learn how RPLAN can be integrated smoothly with your company IT.